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2016 is a big year for me. I am nearing the end of my BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Film Studies Degree at Edge Hill University, it’s the launch of my website and a turning point in my career. Writing was always something to do in my spare time and I never thought anything would come of it. As it turns out, it was the only thing I could do. I could never become a lawyer or an accountant and I will not allow myself to be put in a position where I would be in a dead-end job or do something that I hated. For now, I’m quite happy to sit at my desk and keep writing, in hope that I can bring joy to someone with some tall tales, short stories and everything in-between.

That is how I ended up here. This website was created by Hammy Havoc– isn’t it awesome? I now have my own special place to put my writing and rather than putting it in a little file somewhere on my computer, waiting to get it out for just family and friends, I am opening it up to you. If you enjoy micro-fiction with a twist, some black comedy or just are just looking for any form of entertainment then this is the place for you! I intend to continue experimenting with content writing and I will be publishing more articles in Previous Magazine, so be sure to look out for them.

I have decided to first publish a piece of writing which is amongst my highest scoring pieces of coursework. For this piece I was given a maximum word count of 750 words and this sparked my love of short fiction. Mr. Skip was the first creative piece I ever submitted to the university and although it won’t be my last, it will always be my favourite. Mr. Skip will be accompanied by an original soundtrack written by Hammy Havoc and I hope that this help to make the story become alive in your imagination.

The accompanying app for my website will be available on iOS, Android and Windows 10 in the coming weeks.

Thank you again to Hammy Havoc of Split An Atom for developing this website and being so supportive.

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Hammy Havoc
8 years ago

Always happy to help, looking forward to reading more from you! :- )

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