Being a boarding school-reared Scouse American, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact time in my life when I decided to become a writer. Sometime between relearning the same language (because ‘color’ should be spelled ‘colour’), I decided to put pen to paper and keep a diary. Once that diary was full and I’d read pretty much every book at my local library, I realised that I wanted someone, somewhere to pick a book up off a shelf or scroll through a website and click on an article with my name on it. I didn’t just want to write for myself, I wanted to write for other people too. But maybe I’ll keep those diary entries to myself…

Editing Service

I provide editing services at Split An Atom, offering authors the best experience possible when going through the editing phase of writing. I am happy to work with indie, self-publishing authors and writers attached to publishing companies, both big and small. I edited the novel Arlington by Winston, for which the case study can be found on the Split An Atom website, along with the novel Neon District: Alpha, by Chad Campbell.

Content Writing Service

I’ve had plenty of experience writing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) oriented content for websites that also happens to be informative and entertaining; this isn’t your run-of-the-mill content. Clients return on a regular basis; I’ve had my writing continually published in the likes of Previous Magazine and Integrated Movement Arts.

Public Relations (PR) & Outreach Service

I also offer Public Relations (PR) and outreach as a service, and I also have a fairly large distribution network of various digital and print publications across a variety of different industries and niche topics, so if you don’t want to publish the content I write on your own website, then we can distribute it elsewhere for a dofollow backlink to your website.